Every Hiker’s Wishlist For The Best Hiking Gear This Christmas


While Black Friday is known to be a big shopping day all over the country, people still prefer to do most of their shopping around the holidays, like Christmas. Nothing beats Black Friday, yes, but Christmas also offers huge discounts as well. Every year, our family made it a point to go hiking after Christmas Day because we love the holiday hikes. It gives us a chance to burn off what we ate and drank the night before and gives us a chance to try out our new hiking gear too. But like our family, exploring the outdoors has become popular for most hiking enthusiasts and I’ve always prepared my best hiking gear for that impending post-holiday hike.

Prepare Your Shopping List For The Best Hiking Gear

Shopping hasn’t really been my thing, so I’d rather have my “me time” with nature than hang out at the mall. The truth is, I tend to get kind of worried about gaining so much weight after Thanksgiving that I make sure my hiking gear is ready for the next day. It’s all about fitness, cardio, and getting rid of the negative energy for me after Christmas and New Year. Surprisingly, though, I have gathered a few buddies who have been consistently doing this for years. They think it’s a brilliant idea so we get to talk about what’s new for the great outdoors and the best hiking gear for next year’s great adventures. Continue to full story….

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