Wild Hog Hunting Tips: Where To Shoot Them


Unlike deer and other game, hogs are tenaciously hard to kill. For the most part, it’s because their vital organs sit in a different way. Consequently, some hunters keep on hitting the wrong spot aiming for the supposed heart and lungs. If you’ve seen the insides of the hog, you’ll know what I’m talking about. But if you haven’t, these wild hog hunting tips will teach you an invaluable lesson about wild hog hunting. Wild Hog Hunting Tips To Help You Aim, Shoot, And Kill.

If you’re fond of hunting deer, you should already know where to shoot them–and that’s behind the shoulder. Once you hit that perfect spot, deer will drop dead a few yards away or even instantly. The reason for that is the puncture on their heart and lungs thus removing the flow of oxygen to the brain. However, hogs won’t go down easily if you hit the same spot since their anatomy is different. Heed the following wild hog hunting tips to know pig anatomy for a perfect shot placement.

Tip #1: Hit hogs on their ear holes

The ear holes are the easiest target for a sure kill. The holes present a solid target that once you hit it, their neck’ll break and result in an instant kill. However, hogs are constantly moving, always moving their heads to face different directions. As such, the ear holes are kinda hard to get a good sight on. If you have the chance where hogs stop for an ample amount of time, go for the ear. Otherwise, just try some other vital organs. Continue to full story…

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