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Scott Jordan, Founder and CEO of the shitty clothing company SCOTTeVEST just showed his downright disdain for his customers in a Facebook post where he called his customers “Gullible” and “F*cking Idiots.”

ScotteVest CEO Scott Jordan

I usually don’t cover stories like this, but the jackass specifically uses preppers, firearm owners, and preparedness websites as part of his marketing and PR push. His stupid company has also tried to get us to talk about his crappy product on multiple occasions in the past – I thought his product sucked and told them they could keep their crap!

Over the weekend, in a post that he has since deleted, Scott Jordan viciously attacked his customers on Facebook. Scott said he advertised on FOX News because the viewers are gullible and ‘fucking idiots.”

Scott Jordan Facebook post attacking customers

Here is one of his commercials:

And here are some of their attempts to market the product to Preppers, who they apparently think are “Fucking Idiots.”

His company, feeling the heat from enraged customers, tried to come up with some lame excuse, saying he wasn’t an active part of the company; Kind of odd since he founded the company, is currently the CEO of the company, appears in all of their commercials, and is all over their facebook page.

They posted the following message on their site.

The recent offensive and inexcusable social media post by Scott Jordan does not reflect the views of SCOTTeVEST. In 2017, Mr. Jordan stepped down from the management of SCOTTeVEST, and he is not involved in our daily operations.

We are extremely sorry for his unacceptable comments. Mr. Jordan’s post was impulsive and inappropriate for too many reasons to list and rightfully offended so many people.

We strongly disagree with the views expressed by Mr. Jordan.

So if you were thinking about buying one of these, because you thought this guy cared about your preparedness, just remember that he thinks your a “gullible,” “fucking idiot.” He apparently knows his product sucks and believes the only way to sell it is to lie and market it to people he considers his enemies. It really is sad how many of these liberals have gone off the deep end since the election; it’s also sad how much they despise their fellow Americans! The only good thing, is we are starting to see who these people for who and what they are!

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